Startup Accelerators – What and Why?

Paintball and roller coasters. Who doesn’t enjoy them? Separately. What if one combines these two super fun and thrilling activities together? Would you enjoy them as much? Or would they be too much to handle? Working for a business accelerator feels exactly like this – playing paintball while on a rollercoaster.

If you think working for a startup is a challenge, try working for an accelerator. You go up, you go down, you go left and you go right, all the while being hit by challenges from all the directions. The ride could be overwhelming at times, but there isn’t a dull moment. It’s ten times the excitement, ten times the energy but ten times the mix-ups and ten times the chaos too. After all it is not easy to manage so many startups from varied verticals of business, all at the same time. Let us see what these magicians do in an accelerators that is increasing their popularity among startups:

One stop shop: Accelerators are an important part of the startup ecosystem today. Along with raining startups, it is also raining accelerators. They are just like any other organizations with all the important departments – tech, marketing, finance, legal, HR etc. The only difference is that each department handles various startups. The teams usually consist of experts who are deft at handling multiple projects. They can juggle FinTech, IoT and Bitcoin startups all at the same time. Along with providing services in all areas of business, accelerators also open doors to investors along with mentors and industry experts who guide you in the right direction.
Interaction with peers: Being a part of an accelerator also gives a startup an opportunity to interact with startups of other verticals. This provides a learning curve like no other as they can watch the growth trajectory of other startups – what they did right or wrong, how were they able to avoid making a mistake or how and what they did to correct their mistake etc.
A thorough resident program: The resident accelerator program aims towards rapid deployment of the product by working intensely on every aspect of business. Right from developing the idea to team building to marketing and finance, the program has it all covered. The program ensures that a startup has all the working conditions to grow and flourish. It helps young entrepreneurs to get a clear vision of their ideas, build their credibility and brand value and accelerate their product in the market in the shortest possible time.
All you dreamers out there, with just an idea to change the world, and no clue how to execute them, accelerators are the shining light at the end of the tunnel. With all the mature component coming together to bring in innovative solutions, accelerators provide the much needed guidance to the newbies in the business world.

At Jaarvis Accelerator, we make sure that your idea is given the right guidance to help it mature to its full potential. It provides young entrepreneurs a clear vision of their ideas, help build their credibility and brand value and accelerate their product in the market in the shortest possible time. It turns ideas into reality.

If you are a startup with a FinTech, Bitcoin or Blockchain Technology, IoT, Argitech and Data Analysis idea and looking for a final, definitive push, Jaarvis Accelerator might just be the place for you.

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