Why one should start their career with Startups

Start-ups are all about the people who are able or willing to stand out from the crowd and put some extra efforts to make their career successful. Here are the few reasons why one should opt for a career with startups.

You will get the knowledge of every divison:

A start up would provide you with more exposure, experience, and a hell lot of ideas. Working in start-up helps you to get the knowledge of every department. Even if a start-up employee was hired as a marketing assistant, it is more likely that he will also work as an accountant, an IT tech, an HR rep and so much more, it means employees have first-hand experience with a number of positions, giving them unprecedented insight into the efforts of different departments and allowing them to interact more easily with different teams.

Your work will be recognised (so as your failure):

At a large organization, it may take five or six years before you’re able to lead an important initiative. In a start-up environment, that may happen during the second month of job. On top of that, the entire company will know who led the project that made the product better, won a big client or improved a bad process. So, you’ll be recognized for your work. Just make sure it’s good, because the recognition works both ways and this is a good thing as this keeps you focused and on your game.

Start-ups are tough:

Let’s face it, if working in a start-up environment was easy, everyone would do it. The hours are long, benefits are slim, and the risk is high. Employees who are looking for a predictable environment and an easy or safe job shouldn’t work at a start-up, because those things just don’t come as part of the package. Working at a startup also means that you and your small team are the only people responsible for your success. At a startup, that natural wish to be self-sustainable is magnified, triggering the do-or-die attitude that is often the difference between success and failure.

Futuristic Investment:

Working in a start-up is like an investment into your future. You may work for few years in a start-up, earn less than what your friends did, have a simpler life but in the end, you have more skills to make money as an entrepreneur and by that time your friends will be left with that monotonous 9-5 job.

In short, we can say, working for a start-up can give you valuable experience you can utilize to become very successful in the business world.