Bizztor: R2 Robotronics Launches the GIS Variant For Its DROSNAS

With drones moving fast from hobby to enterprise adoption, R2 Robotronics’ DROSNAS provides the perfect platform for large scale automated drone deployment

BW TV: Interview: Anil Chhikara, Principal Jaarvis Accelerator

Anil Chhikara, Principal Jaarvis Accelerator in conversation with Chahat Jain of BWBusinessworld calls demonetisation the biggest opportunity thrown for Indian startups. With the help of demonetisation, companies have been opened up in making online payments and doing transactions digitally. “The kind of opportunities and money for the startups is only going upwards through demonetisation”, he said.

Entrepreneur India Magazine: From Mentors to Funding Cues – 4 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Enrol for Accelerator Programs

According to Gaurav, CEO at  Extracarbon, accelerators are not only for idea stage startups but are also good for startups which are in revenue stage and find difficult to arrange all the functions under one roof.

Techstory: The Indian Startup Space – A Look At Highlights And Hurdles Of 2016

Rahul Sonthalia, Director, Jaarvis Accelerator and Concord Fortune, Singapore, says that the Indian startup space has started to stand shoulder to shoulder with international players.

“The Indian startup space is seeing a lot of new ideas and fresh blood coming in, and focusing on problems that matter to the global community. But there is still a long way to go in terms of business maturity and resources”.

Analytics India Magazine: Interview of the week | Anil Chhikara, Principal at Jaarvis Accelerator

Jaarvis is one of the leading accelerators in India that analytics industry is blessed with. With an objective of converting an entrepreneurial idea into a fundable proposition in the shortest possible period of time, Jaarvis Accelerator focuses on early stage technology based startups.

Times of India: Lessons for startups from 2016

TimesJobs got Anil Chhikara (Principal, Jaarvis Accelerator) to talk about lessons for startups from 2016. He says, “end of the day what matters is whether you’re building a REAL business that solves REAL problems or just minor irritants. Can the customers, once they start using your product or service, live without it without having a major inconvenience?”

Inc42: Running A Startup And Founding An Accelerator: Jaspal Sarai On The Events That Shaped His Journey

“There was no tipping point as such, but the fact that the Indian ecosystem was pretty much closed to the masses, and only the fortunate few with the right connections and right brand of education were able to access the resources required to fuel their startups, was the main trigger for us to establish our accelerator in India. We wanted to open this opportunity to all, and have a ‘fair go’ platform.” – Jaspal Sarai

Techstory: Observant Jack Of All Trades = Master Entrepreneur by Jaarvis Accelerator

A technical job has its own applications and so does a marketing job. And a leader, an entrepreneur, should be capable enough to lead the experts of the both the fields.

Techstory: JaarvisCoWork- India’s First Co-working Space within an Active Accelerator

The co-working industry in India has seen a tremendous growth in recent times and the fact is that it is only going to scale up as more and more professionals and workers are moving away from the traditional office spaces and working out of coworking space. With this in mind, Jaarvis Accelerator launched JaarvisCoWork which is India’s first co-working space within an active accelerator.

TechStartup: Jaarvis Launches ‘CoWork’, India’s First Co-Working Space Within A Tech Accelerator

Jaarvis Accelerator launches Jaarvis CoWork, India’s first co-working space within an active accelerator.