4 Signs of Reckoning

You still dream. You still carry that element of make-believe. You still hope that you are the person who can set things right – one way or the other. And they call you an idealist or a dreamer.

Let’s put it in another way.

You have a vision. You believe that you can transform your vision into reality. You want to bring a change and be the bearer of it. Big words change the scope but entrepreneurs are idealists and dreamers too.

Some say that entrepreneurs are born with an entrepreneurial DNA. Others say that anyone can be an entrepreneur once they put their mind to it. Honestly? The only difference between a big-shot entrepreneur and a normal person with ideas is that the entrepreneur implemented their idea. And before they even conjured an idea to start with, all they knew was that they wanted to do something. And that made all the difference.

How do you know that you have it to be an entrepreneur? Read on.

Monotony kills the mind. Routine is boring. Change is the siren’s call for your soul. The cramped office space does not breed innovation. You want to do things that make an impact, solve a problem or create a legacy.

If you nodded to all the statements, you have found your predisposition. Congratulations. Your creativity must have been beating its head against the walls all the time. How have you been living with that?

Get up, do something to unleash it. Don’t choke your ideas just because nobody does it or it looks crazy. Listen to your gut.

Remember that “jo darr gaya, samjho marr gaya” thing? Easier said than done, eh? All right, what would you rather have – a job that takes care of your monthly bills while you do not like doing it or a life that you created and lived on your own terms?

The easiest thing to do is to jump in the bandwagon dumbly. You do not have to think about it, you just have to follow and fit in. If that is what you want to do, sorry to make you read this. However, there is something called ‘entrepreneurial obsession’ that is the urge to work on something only because it is interesting, engaging, stimulating and challenging on a personal level. This is what makes entrepreneurs. Take risks and that leap of faith. What would be the worst case scenario? You’d fail. So what? Even Rome wasn’t built in a day.

“If I was to do this, it would look better.” “I need my own space to work.” “Creativity does not thrive if you put it in a time-frame!”

Do these statements ring with your thoughts? Frankly, it is understandable if you do not want to be pushed around in a company for a product where your say doesn’t really matter. Often, your creativity is not valued because that is not how things are done. Mostly, the companies would stick to tried and tested methods rather than doing something new.

If following the established modus-operandi is not your cup of tea, break out of it. You do not like the web design? Change it. If the UI/UX looks tardy then do not launch it just to meet deadlines. If you want your decisions to make an impact, be your own boss.

You do not really know what you want to do but you really want to start your own company – this isn’t wayward. This is pure, unadulterated entrepreneurial drive.

Being self-driven is the only way you can convert your idea and vision into reality. This is that pulsating energy that doesn’t let you rest until you have reached where you want to be. This is that zeal that makes things happen and builds a legacy without giving-up in the face of failure. And, honestly, only this drive will give you enough determination and motivation to keep going.

Bottom Line

‘The child is grown, the dream is gone’?

Remember, when we were kids, everything was possible. Do not lose that belief. If you feel you can do something, get up and do it. Do not settle for “comfortably numb.” Only Floyd can make it sound ethereal.